I'm a software developer with a focus on high-interactivity web apps.
I love building things that do stuff.

I leverage my unconventional background in client care and 3D product design to create user-centric, accessible UI for delightful user experiences. I believe in the power of the internet to connect people, and seek to build and foster online spaces that empower genuine communities.

My favourite tools include TypeScript, React, Svelte, Node.js, Redis, and PostgreSQL, but nothing makes me more excited than learning something new.

I'm passionate about science and science communication; queer culture, fan culture, and the intersection of the two; musical theatre; and Dungeons & Dragons.

Interested in working with me? Drop me a line. I am currently open to both contract and long-term opportunities.

Why "VCat"? I often work in communities with a culture of pseudonymity. In the interest of having all my work in one place, I have chosen to present this portfolio under the name I use for dev work in those communities.